Try Nerfing This: Overwatch Grabs Mainstream Attention

Overwatch has hit an exciting stride over the last few weeks with ESPN, Disney XD and ABC agreeing to streaming services with Blizzard Entertainment to broadcast the Overwatch League. This is timely for the league as the playoffs, including the Overwatch League Grand Finals, are to be played out this month. As part of the agreement, the Grand Finals will be broadcasted by ESPN on July 27.

In wake of this news, Nate Nanzar, the Overwatch League Commissioner, has been featured in Fortune’s 40 under 40 for 2018, ranking the “most influential young people in business”. Nate (who ranked 37) was recognised for “integrating existing e-sports organisations with traditional sports owners”, further exemplifying esports’ growing influence.

Further, Jacob “Jake” Lyon of the Houston Outlaws and Se-yeon “Geguri” of the Shanghai Dragons have been involved in talks with the Olympic Committee to discuss esports opportunities, which has been explored by Re:Cover here.

The last week of news surrounding Overwatch is part and parcel of an exciting future for Overwatch as a competitive esport and its parent company, Blizzard Entertainment. Hopefully, more announcements like these will continue to contribute to the growing success and popularity of esports.

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